Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is there a contract? - No, we're month to month. To end your service simply log in and cancel your subscription and your service will stop at the end of the billing period. 
  • What's your refund policy? - If we have not started any work on your project, you're welcome to a full refund.
  • Do you offer email hosting? - As of now, no, our hosting platform is solely for Wordpress websites. We recommend using a 3rd party email service like Outlook or Gmail for Business.  
  • Who owns my website or ad account? - Bare does and as long as you're a client, we'll be happy to serve you. Part of what makes Bare so affordable is that we expect our customers to be happy and here for the long-haul. Otherwise, we'd be giving away $99 websites, and hey, that's ridiculous. 
  • Can I access my website? - Yes! You'll have what's called Editor access. You'll be able to publish blog posts, edit copy, change photos, but admin privileges, such as exporting your website or removing other admins (us) will be restricted. 
  • Can I access my ad account? - You will receive detailed monthly reports and will have Billing Admin access that will allow you to update credit card or other billing info.