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Google Ads Managment

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The only sure-fire way to make sure you rank at the top of Google for your top products, services or brand name is with Google Ads, and with our years of experience managing up to $100,000/mo in ad spends, we've been able to create a cost-effective solution for small businesses, starting at just $99/mo! 

We offer the following campaign types. 

  1. Search - using your product or service keywords to attract new customers
  2. Branded - protect your name or the name of your company by appearing first
  3. Retargeting - advertise to users who have visited your website all over the web
  4. Video - use your YouTube videos as ads
  5. Shopping - sync your ecommerce website to Google Ads and drive sales
  6. Discovery & Display - remind your website visitors to come back with ads all over the web

Not sure which one to chose? Don't worry about it. Just start with 1 campaign and we'll help you which one is best for you and your business. 

Terms and Conditions 

Each ad campaign will consist of 1 ad group with up to 6 keywords. In addition, we offer up to 15 minutes of consultation time per month. Any creative content needed for ads must be provided by the client. 

 *Ad spend not included