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Monthly Digital Marketing

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Who needs an in house marketing team when you have Sun Digital Marketing? PPC, SEO, Local Search, Web Development, Email Marketing and more!  

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Looking for guaranteed ad views and qualified visitors to your website? In today’s competitive search environment, paid reach is an increasingly important digital touchpoint. Google Ads alone have delivered 25% more clicks vs. organic search traffic in just the past 2 years.

Google Ads
Our certified Google Ads team manages over $1.25 million in advertising campaign spending each year. We’ve helped our clients trim or reallocate ad budgets, and in many cases, the improvements made covered our fees (and then some)! An unmanaged PPC campaign can be costly. At Sun Digital Marketing, efficiency and transparency are the keys to everything we do.

Facebook Ads
Looking to attract new visitors to your business but don't want to waste money blanketing the entire town? Facebook Ads are a great tool for creating targeted ads aimed at users with the specific attributes and interests that are most likely to become customers. Facebook is also a great tool for advertising to people who have already shown interest in your business by visiting your website. Ask us how. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Local Search
Looking for local customers? Local SEO is the way to get them. Using citations (business listings), reviews, social media and your own website, we'll help potential customers find you with ease. 

Looking to rank organically on Google? Your website is chock-full of opportunities to show the search engines not only what you do but why they should show your website for your products and services, instead of your competitor's. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the #1 revenue generating marketing tool most businesses have and we have years of experience sending out millions of emails per month. Using tools like Klavio, MailChimp, Constant Contact and others, we'll take advantage of your customer list to drive sales. 

Web Development

Whether you just need your plugins updated or a full website redesign, we've built over 100 websites in our 30+ years of combined web development experience.  In many cases, we can build you a brand new website in just a few days and we'll host it on our screaming-fast Wordpress specific hosting platform that is secure, backed up daily and updated weekly. 


"You can't manage what you don't measure," as the old saying goes. With Sun Digital Marketing, we'll send you comprehensive weekly reports comparing the past weeks, months and years. We'll also conduct weekly or monthly video conference calls to not only review your reports but discuss strategy and upcoming projects. Transparency and customer service are top priorities. We NEVER want clients to feel like they're just writing a monthly check and hoping for the best. 


Below are our monthly rates. Cancel any time, we do NOT do contracts. 

 5 hours - $500/mo
10 hours - $1000/mo
15 hours - $1500/mo
20 hours - $2000/mo
25 hours - $2500/mo
30 hours - $3000/mo
35 hours - $3500/mo
40 hours - $4000/mo